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Standart Jr. Prom

Jr. PromMy Jr. Prom-2=============10==============When my parents came out I was still reading stories and wishing I couldsuck somebody's cock. They went into the living room and watched TV untilnoon when my dad jumped in his truck and went to the gun club to do someshooting.After he left, mom came over and asked what I was reading. I told her whatthey were and we sat and read some of them together. I was trying to hidethe fact that I was grinding my pussy into the chair. While my mom tried tohide the fact that she was fingering herself. Neither one of us did a verygood job.While she fingered herself, I could smell cum and it turned me on. It mademe want to get fucked in the worst way. I was almost desperate to feel acock inside me.I couldn't wait another minute, I had to ask what it was like.I flooded mom with a barrage of question. What was it like to be a girl?What was it like to get fucked? Had she ever been fucked in the ass? Whatwas it like to suck cock? Did she like it? Did she swallow? Was it as muchfun as the stories made it sound?She giggled and told me she loved being a girl. Getting fucked was greatand the best part of being a girl. She had never been fucked in the ass,but knew alot of people that loved it. Sucking cock was very personal forher and she hadn't done it in over ten years. It was ok, but my dad justlike all men loved it. No she didn't swallow but knew that some thought itwas the best part. And, yes it was every bit as much fun as the storiessaid.I squealed and ground my pussy against the corner of the chair whileshivering through another mini orgasm.Mom just watched and smiled.We were like girlfriends after that. I told her how much fun I was havingas a girl. How much it turned me on to see pictures of guys in drag puttingout like a girl. How bad I wanted to try it.She told me what a great lover my father was. How good it felt to have himinside her. How much fun it was to get him off. How her pussy would getsloppy wet every time she saw a cock. It didn't matter where she saw it orwho's it was. As soon as she saw a cock, she wanted to fuck.I giggled and told her I was the same way. I told her I wanted to put outfor a guy so bad, I didn't think I could wait until prom.She giggled "I've got just the thing for you"She ran into her room and came back with a box that was gift wrapped. Shetook the card off and gave me the gift."I got this for someone else, but it sounds like you need it more than shedoes." she smiled.I looked at her with a big smile "What is it?""Something special for your night stand. Open it!" she responded anxiously.When I tore the paper off, my eyes bugged out and my jaw hit the floor."Travel Buddy!! LOOKS AND FEELS REAL!! Molded from a real cock! 8"x 1 1/2"!With realistic balls and suction cup base!" it said on the front, thenthere was a picture of a big hard cock.I stared at it dumbfounded."OH MY GOD!" I gasped and felt my cock throb."I knew you would like it." Mom giggled "I hope this helps, but don't tellyour dad I gave it to you""I won't. This is great thanks!" I said as I gave her a big hug.I opened the box to see it laying there with a big tube of lubricant. Itlooked like a real cock in a box. It was beautiful.I pulled it out to examine it more closely. It had a fat reddish purplemushroom head that was squishy and soft. It had a thick firm fat shaft withfat blue veins popping out everywhere. It had big low hanging balls, andwhen I squeezed them it felt like two walnuts rolling around in a half fullwater balloon. It was almost like playing with my cock only it was biggerand better.I could feel my cock throb as I examined it. I stuck it to the table,pulled at it, looked at it and stroked it. I thought it was amazing.My mom watched and smiled the whole time."If you need some private time, your father won't be home for an hour." shegiggled.I squealed with delight. Grabbed the dido and lube. Gave mom another bighug."Thanks Mom!" and ran to my room.============11==============I threw the lube on the bed, closed the door, got to my knees and stuck thedildo to the mirror on the wall. I could feel my cock throbbing as Istroked my new toy. It looked so real, it was like there was a cocksticking out of my wall.I watched in the mirror as I licked and kissed the head. I watched mybright red lips wrap around it as I began to suck it. I could feel thesquishy head covering a thick stiff shaft in my lips.I watched anxiously as I sucked in more and more of it. It felt so goodsliding through my pursed lips and across my tongue. I was so excited, Iwas panting for breath. I looked at more of my reflection and watched as mytits jiggled and heaved.Farther down, I could see a little pink patch of panty under my skirt. Isucked the dildo in until it mashed against my throat. I spread my legswide and I could see my pussy plain as day. My thong just barely covered mypussy and it was see thru anyway.It all looked and felt so incredible. I was hooked and I knew it!!I jumped up and stripped off all my clothes as quick as I could. I watchedin the mirror the whole time. It was like watching a hot babe getting nakedin my room. I had always wanted to see that and now all I had to do waslook in the mirror.I was just now soaking in what I looked like. I didn't look anything likeme. I was fucking hot!!I stared at my new travel buddy sticking out of the mirror and admiredmyself as I caressed my tits. I stood close to it and began to stroke itwith one hand while caressing my pussy with the other.Seeing that was such a turn on. My hips jerked and I was short of breath. Ispread my legs and caressed farther into my crotch. When I got to my pussyopening, it was sloppy wet with cum.I lifted my leg and you could see how wet it was from a mile away. I triedto get close enough to poke the dildo at it, but couldn't. So I decided toback into it. I turned around, bent forward and positioned it. When Ipushed back, I could feel the skin on my cock stretch as it eased in.I looked in the mirror and could see about half of the head squeezed in. Ipulled forward and watched it pull out. I pushed back again and watched asit popped right in and drove in another inch.It bottomed out about two inches in, but it felt like I was stretched tothe limit. It felt like my cock had wrapped around it like a sausageskin........................... I could feel the head of my cock wrappedaround the head of the dildo. I don't even know how to describe how unusualit felt.I pumped it in and out a few times. Then I ground back against it. I lookedat it in amazement. It looked like I had two inches of cock in my pussy. Itwas so erotic, but it was so uncomfortable that I didn't know what to thinkof it.I watched it pop out and got back to my knees. I began to suck on it like agreedy whore. It tasted like cum and it was driving me wild. I could feelthe head of it slamming against my throat.I gave a deliberate thrust forward, and just like in the stories, I feltthe head squish against my throat. I pushed forward a little harder andfelt it slide down my throat until my nose mashed against the mirror andthe balls wrapped around my chin.I started to gag almost immediately, but I wasn't giving up. I grabbed theballs and pressed them tight against my chin. I began to cough and tried toswallow everything that was coming back up.I was pushing forward as hard as I could as I choked through the worst ofit. It wasn't like in the stories where it slides right down. But I hadseen films of girls who could do that, and I was determined to be one ofthem.When I finally relaxed, I pulled back and sucked just the head while Icaught my breath. As I watched myself in the mirror, I thought about how Ilooked. My mascara had run so bad and my makeup was so smeared. I lookedlike a cross between Alice Cooper and a psycho clown.I giggled, closed my eyes and started to suck on it like I was trying toget somebody off. Since it looked and felt so much like a real cock, it waseasy to imagine.I spread my legs wide and began to finger my ass while rubbing the heel ofmy hand against my pussy. It was like the head of my cock was stuck in thetightest, wettest pussy I could imagine. Only I couldn't move it. All Icould do was rub against it's juicy little cocoon. It was frustrating.I began to suck on the cock like a sloppy whore. While I fingered myselfwildly. I would deep throat it and hold it there while I played with theballs against my chin. It tasted and felt so good, I couldn't believe it. Ifelt my hips buck and my asshole spasm around the three fingers I hadstuffed deep inside it.I bobbed up and down on the cock as fast as I could. My titties werebouncing around like crazy. Cum was shooting out into the palm of my handand I carefully collected as much as possible.When my orgasm ended, I opened my eyes and watched as the whole length ofthe cock disappeared between my pursed lips. Then re-appeared again. Iplayfully licked the tip a few times then began to stroke it as I examinedthe cum in my hand. I watched in the mirror as I licked it up and stroked ahard cock. It was like watching a hot babe in a porno scene. It was themost awesome thing I had ever seen or done.==============12=============When I finished, I cleaned everything up. Put the dildo and lube in mynight stand. I fixed my hair and makeup. Then I dug out some new clothesand got dressed.I picked a thong that had a white lace butterfly shaped in a triangle. Itwas about three inches on a side. The rest was thin elastic bands. Itbarely covered my pussy in the front and the elastic band in my crotchattached to the lace right where my pussy opening was. It was the next bestthing to not wearing panties.The rest was a classic catholic school girl look. Red and white plaidpleated skirt that came to just above mid thigh. Big billowing white lacetop with half sleeves. White stockings that came to the bottom of the skirtand black 4" heels.I thought it was really hot. I looked like the girl on 'Grounded forlife'. Only sexier!When I looked at the clock, I was amazed to find out that the whole thinghad only taken a half hour. It seemed like I was at it forever.I walked back into the kitchen and gave my mom a big smile."Oh My God! You look great! How did it go?" she giggled.I busted out laughing "It Was Fucking Great!"Mom asked questions and I told her all about it while we set the table andfinished getting dinner ready. I told her how much fun it was. How hot andjuicy I was. How good it felt. What it was like. How intense the orgasmwas. She told me that was almost exactly what it was like for girls andseemed thrilled to hear every bit of it.When dad got home he gave şişli escort bayan us both a kiss and told me how pretty I was. Iblushed and said thanks.We talked and ate dinner. I asked how dad did at trap like I always did. Hetold us about his whole day. Then asked about ours. We told him we spentmost of the day talking and doing 'girl things' as mom put it. Dad justlaughed and didn't ask any more.When we finished with dinner mom and dad watched me clear the table and dothe dishes. We talked about prom, School, how much fun I was having and howmuch I wanted to keep it a secret until prom.Most of the students thought it was cool but some of the teachers andparents would be mad.When the kitchen was clean, I went to watch TV while mom and dad headed fortheir bedroom. They made a hell of a racket for about a half hour then cameout to join me.When they came out, I was laying on the floor with a pillow. Mom and I justsmiled at each other.==============13=============For the next two hours we watched TV. Mom and dad were making out on thecouch while I laid on the floor thinking about the two of them havingsex.....I thought about what mom had said it was like for her. I thought about whata great lover she said he was. I thought about the two of them going at itand what it would be like to get fucked like that. I pictured my dad layingon top of her, giving it to her good while she made all the sounds I heardin the next room.Then I pictured what it would be like to have a guy do those things tome.....While I did that, I felt my cock spring to life. Glued up like it was, itcouldn't get hard but I was turned on just the same. I could feel cumoozing thru the crumpled up shaft and making my pussy wet.Since I had started by thinking of my mom and dad. Most of the time I wasimagining my dad doing me. I pictured him laying on top of me, stabbing hishard cock in while desperately trying to dump a load inside me. I thoughtabout how good it would feel and the satisfaction we would both enjoy whenhe finally got off.Since I was so horny, all I could think of was sex. I couldn't getcomfortable and was rolling around on the floor non-stop. Plus, even thoughI had been watching TV for two hours, I had no idea what we werewatching. I finally decided, I couldn't take any more and I had to go tobed.The instant my door was closed, I stripped off my clothes, dug out mydildo, got to my knees and stuck it to the mirror. I quickly began drivinginto my throat while fingering my ass. I sort of gagged a few times butdidn't stop.Feeling a big stiff cock driving down my throat was so erotic I couldn'tstand it. I could feel my tits jiggling, a big set of balls against mychin, a cock in my throat, I was staring at my pussy and fingering the hellout of my ass. The whole thing was such a turn on, I got off almostimmediately.I squealed and groaned through my orgasm. Then I laid on the floor with mylegs spread. I admired my reflection in the mirror and couldn't believe itwas me. My pussy was so wet, I couldn't believe it. I watched as a thickwhite stream of cum drooled out and ran through the crack of my ass.I got a big satisfied smile as I stared at the cock sticking out of mymirror. It was so fucking hot to see it hanging there with a fresh spitshine. I wished with all my heart that it was real so I could get him off,then swallow for him. I wanted it so bad, it was all I could think of.I plucked it off the mirror, laid back with my legs spread again andwatched as I stuffed it balls deep into my ass. It looked and felt so good,I started to squeal instantly. I felt it slide thru my tight puckered holeuntil it was so deep in me, I couldn't take any more. I groaned with apleasure I had never known before.It felt so good inside me, I didn't know what to do.I began to pump it in as hard and fast as I could. I watched as the ballsack swung around and slapped against my ass. I could feel the head beatingthe hell out of my prostate every time it disappeared inside me.It was driving me wild with desire.I squealed, moaned and jumped around as I drove my ass up to meet it. In notime, I was getting off so hard I thought I was going to die. I drove thedildo in as far as it would go. My ass would clench and squeeze the shafttight. My hips jerked and thrust involuntarily. Plus, I was screaming likea banshee and didn't even know it.When it finally ended, I laid back on the floor exhausted. I stared at theceiling and tried to make sense of what had just happened. I was laying onmy back with my legs spread. There was still a big cock buried deep insideme. And I had just had the most intense orgasm I had ever heard of.It was way better than the stories I had read. It was even better than momhad said.When I finally got my wits about me, I cleaned everything up and went tobed nude. Mom and dad went to bed about the same time and a half hourlater, I could hear them getting it on hot and heavy. I imagined what itwould be like to be her, and drifted off to sleep while listening to them.==============14=============All of my sexual feelings were so intense, I dreamed about sex all night. Idreamed about getting to my knees, sucking cock and swallowing a big juicymouthful of cum. Laying on my back and getting fucked missionarystyle. Having guys bend me over, pull down my panties and fuck the hell outof me. Going to parties and getting gang banged. All I did was let guys useme as a sex toy and provide all the services you would expect from a mobilesperm bank.For the gang bang, I dreamed about making it with Bob and some of the guyson the football team, but mostly I was dreaming about my dad. I wouldpicture him behind me, on top of me, inside me and it turned me on. As amatter of fact, It turned me on so much, I even had a wet dream. It wasquite disturbing.In the morning, I had to pee so bad, I ran naked to the bathroom. Wouldn'tyou know it, when I got about half way there I looked up and there was mydad. Standing in his underwear with a cup of coffee, watching my everymove. He smiled when he saw I noticed him, but other than that, he didn'tmove and didn't make a sound.He just watched.I got another surprise when I got into the bathroom. I reached for my cockso I could pee and it was gone. I looked at my pussy and sat down as fastas I could. Pee started splashing on my ass and I could hear the sametinkling noise mom made. I smiled real big and finished my business.While I was wiping myself, I began to examine my pussy again. It stilllooked great. The glue was still holding everything in place. The best partwas how comfortable it was. I had been wearing it for at least 12 hours andit still felt great. I was so happy, I decided to go to school like that.I rinsed my ass with water, took off my wig and tits, then jumped in theshower. When I was done, I wrapped a towel around my waist and snuck backinto my room with my stuff. I put on a pair of low rise bikini panties andgot ready for school.For the next month, I fell into a regular routine. In the morning, I wouldrinse my ass out with water, take off my wig and tits, put on low risepanties so they wouldn't be seen, then dress like a boy and go toschool. When I got home from school, I rinsed and douched, put my wig andtits back on and dressed like a girl. Once I was dressed, I would help momwith dinner.While dad watched TV, mom and I were in the kitchen talking about girlthings. I told her about the fun I was having with my dildo, about my dirtydreams and fantasies. She told me about the sex she and my dad were havingand how good it felt.We would have dinner I would clean up and we all watched TV for a few hoursand go to bed. I would play with my dildo, listen to my parents fuck and goto sleep.On the weekends it was the same thing. I would hang out all day as a boywith Bob, change clothes and spend all night as a girl. It was alot of fun.I kept my cock glued back to look like a pussy and wore panties24/7. Except for wed and sat mornings. I would turn it loose, jerk off inthe shower, then glue it up again. Saturdays, because I had to get rid ofmy body hair. Wednesdays, because the glue would start to pull free.Just like mom said, being a girl became second nature. I got good at actingand talking like a girl, putting on makeup, walking in heels. It seemednatural to do all the things girls did. It was unusual to see my cock orpee standing up twice a week.My orgasms weren't as satisfying as a girl, but I could have lots ofthem..... When I would stroke my cock as a boy, I would get off and I wasdone.. As a girl, getting off just made me want more. My mom giggled when Iasked about it. She told me it was the way things were and why girls neededa good travel buddy.But the biggest difference was the way I felt and thought of myself. Itwould turn me on to feel my tits jiggle or a breeze blow up my skirt. Imissed it so much when I was at school, I couldn't wait to get home and putthem on. I didn't own a bra and my nipples were always hard. They weregreat. I spent more time looking in the mirror than just about any girl Iknew.Although; most of the time I had a dildo when I was looking in themirror.....As a guy, my dick was always getting hard and I always wanted sex. As agirl, my pussy was always wet and I always wanted sex. I was still turnedon by women, but when I saw a naked woman, I would imagine I was her andbeing fucked by a big stiff cock. Whenever I saw a sex scene, I alwaysfantasized about being the girl. Fucking a girl never entered my mind.I had a hard time reconciling my thoughts. I wasn't gay, but I wanteddesperately to pleasure a man just like a girl would.With a month to go until prom, I was so excited I was about to bust. I waslooking forward to going on a date and finally putting out like agirl. When Bob would talk about prom, he would talk about picking up a girlat the dance or one of the after parties so he could get laid. I would justsmile and listen, knowing he was going to get all the sex he could handle.=============15=============Mom drew second shift at the hospital, so she would be at work from5-1. That meant I would get home about a half hour before she left and dadwould get home about a half hour after she left. It also left me in chargeof making dinner.On the first night, I got home from school. Mom was rushing around gettingready to leave. I went to get rinsed, douched and dressed like I alwaysdid. I wore a simple blue pull over dress that ended about 2" below my buttcheeks. When I came out, she was gone. I was completely and totally alonein the house. This was the first time that had happened while I was dressedas a girl.I walked through the şişli escort house with a big smile. I stood in the middle of theliving room and threw all my clothes on the couch. I put on some music anddanced around, wearing nothing but high heels. I walked into the kitchen,put dinner in the oven and set the table. I sat at the computer and startedreading a story on Nifty. I squeezed my tits and fingered my pussy.....I was having a really good time.About half way through the story, I heard my dad coming up the driveway. Ishut off the computer, ran to the living room, grabbed my clothes and ranto the bathroom as fast as I could. I got dressed as fast as I could, but Icouldn't find my panties anywhere.I brushed my hair and tried to calm down while listening to my dad comein. I heard him walk around the house, then walk into the kitchen to checkon dinner. I was trying desperately to think of where my panties were. Theymust be sitting out in the open somewhere.When I finally calmed down, I went to the kitchen, said hello to dad. Hegave me a big hug and a kiss. Told me how good dinner smelled and howpretty I was. I blushed and said thanks.Dad sat at the table and started reading the paper while I checked ondinner. Then I walked over to the computer and looked around. Nothing. Iwent to the living room and didn't see them anywhere. I got on my hands andknees and crawled around looking under everything."Lose something?" I heard dad say from behind me.I looked back over my shoulder at him and didn't know what to say."I.... Uh..... No, it's ok" I finally managed.I stood up and dad and I went back to the kitchen. He sat at the table andhe talked about what a hard day he had and how tired he was while I serveddinner. Then we ate dinner and talked some more while I did the dishes. Thewhole time all I could think of was ."WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY PANTIES??"By the time I finished the dishes, I decided to quit looking and get somemore. When I got to my room, there they were hanging from the doorknob. Igasped and went inside to put them on as quick as I could. I checked myhair, straightened my dress.============16=============I went back to the living room to find dad watching TV in his robe. Dad andI watched TV without saying much. I ended up falling asleep on thecouch. When I woke up it was midnight and the only thing on in the housewas the TV. It was turned way down, but as I laid there half awake I couldhear soft snoring and the sounds of passionate sex. I opened my eyes to seeone of the soft core porno's from cable on.I looked over at dad to see him slumped in his chair. His head was laidback, his arms resting on the arms of the chair and his legs were spreadwide for support while he snored peacefully.The thing that caught my eye was that his robe was wide open and he didn'thave any underwear on. I was looking right at his half hard cock from aboutthree feet away.It was a nice sized piece of meat too! It was long and thick, with a fatbulbous mushroom head. Big low hanging balls and it had such a smooth softlook to it.I could see why mom liked it so much. Aside from not being hard, it wasalmost identical to my travel buddy. I swear to god it could have beenmolded from my dad's cock. I wanted to wrap my lips around it in the worstway. I was so hot for his cock, I could hardly stand it.As I laid there staring at it, I could feel my cock start to stir in it'scocoon and my mouth watering. I had seen cocks in the locker room a milliontimes, but this was different. This was the first time I had gotten such agood look at one and I couldn't take my eyes off it. It looked so nicehanging there, that I wanted to jump up and start sucking on it right thenand there.My pussy was already soaking wet. I could feel cum oozing through my cockand I wanted to suck off my dad in the worst way. Images of me sucking mybuddy flashed into my mind. I couldn't help but to picture myself kneelingin front of him while I sucked his stiff knob. I had been playing with mydildo for a month and I desperately wanted to feel and taste a real cock.I could hear the passionate sounds of sex and when I looked at the TV, shewas going down on him. Her face was bobbing up and down in his crotch whileher bare ass was pointed lewdly at the ceiling. I wanted to be her so bad Iwas about to scream.I went back to staring at my dad's cock while reaching into my crotch andrubbing my pussy. His cock was laying across his leg now and I could seehis balls churning inside their sack. I rubbed my pussy even harder andbegan to flex my hips. My heart was beating a mile a minute. I was soturned on and I wanted to suck his cock worse than anything.I looked up at my dad to make sure he was still sleeping. I looked back atthe TV and watched the girl sucking cock. She was merrily going to townwhile the guy moaned and groaned loudly. I pulled my panties to my ankles,spread my legs wide and began rubbing my pussy and fingering my ass as hardand fast as possible.I went back to looking at my dad's cock and could feel my orgasm buildinginside me. I watched his cock gently throb with every heartbeat, I wantedto feel it in my hand while I stroked it and licked his balls. I wanted totaste it and feel it going off in my mouth.I couldn't take it anymore. I rolled off the couch and crawled between hislegs. My heart was beating so hard, I thought my head would explode.Suddenly, I was face to face with a cock. I could see every curve, everyvein and I could smell his thick musky aroma. It drove me wild...... I hadto have more.I began to stroke his cock and lick his balls while watching to make surehe didn't wake up. I was so turned on, I only licked his balls three orfour times before I had an uncontrollable urge to suck his cock. I greedilysucked the head into my mouth and began an up and down motion.GOD!! THIS WAS GOOD!!!!His cock felt like a piece of steel wrapped in the warmest, softest, mostsilky smooth skin. It was like nothing I had ever known before.It felt so smooth and soft as it slid through my lips and across mytongue. When it got to my throat, I gave an extra push and it slid downeasily.....I bobbed up and down an inch or so until I couldn't hold my breathanymore. Then I would pull back and suck on just the head while I caught mybreath. Once I caught my breath, I drove it back down my throat and did itagain.It tasted and felt so good, I knew I was in heaven. I supported myself withone hand, started rubbing my pussy with the other and focused all myattention on the stiff piece of man meat in my mouth.I must have done it nine or ten times. When I pulled back to suck the head,I heard him grunt and thrust into my mouth. I looked up in alarm andfroze. All I could tasted was cum. His eyes were closed tight, his teethwere clenched, he was driving his cock into my mouth and grunting like ababoon.Then I felt something I had only dreamed about. I felt his cock start tothrob and his balls exploded in my mouth. I stayed as still as I could andwatched his face the whole time. He filled my mouth to overflowing in notime. I gulped it down and he filled it to overflowing again.Just as my mouth was so full it was about to spill out, he began torelax............... I watched as his face became peaceful and serene. Thenhe settled back and started snoring again. I sucked his softening cock inand out a few more times and rolled the cum around in my mouth with mytongue.. It was thick, creamy and warm. It tasted great and there was somuch of it.I sat back and stared at his satisfied cock as I continued to roll his cumaround in my mouth. Just like in the stories, I was really proud of myselffor getting him off like that. It felt great, It tasted great and having amouthful of cum gave me a deep sense of accomplishment. It was irrefutableproof of what I had done.I smiled real big, swallowed, grabbed my panties and went to my room. Icouldn't believe how happy I was. I was thrilled about what I had done. Ihad just sucked off and swallowed for a guy and he had no idea. The factthat it was my dad made it so kinky, I could hardly believe I had doneit.....I watched myself strip and put on my night gown. I watched as I raised myarms. I didn't have any panties on and I watched as my bald little pussypeeked right out and smiled at me.I was so satisfied with myself, I jumped in bed and was sleeping in notime.=============17==============In the morning, I couldn't sleep so I got up early and headed to thekitchen to get breakfast. Dad was standing in his underwear gettingcoffee. As soon as I saw him all I could think about was looking up at himwhile his cock was in my mouth."Good Morning" I said cheerfully."Hey Good Looking! How are you doing this morning?" he asked with asmile..............."Real Good" I giggled "How about you?"He sipped his coffee "Better than ever thanks to you! Give me a hug!"I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek. He wrappedhis arms around my chest."You were great last night, Thanks!" he said cheerfully.I got a blank look and felt him squeeze me tight and pick me off thefloor. As soon as our bodies were pressed together, I could feel his rockhard cock throbbing in his underwear as it pressed against my pussy."Oh My God" I gasped."That's what I thought" he chuckled "I couldn't believe how good itwas. Your mother hasn't done that in years."He set me down and I blushed hotly and felt my pussy start to get wet. Ibegan to squirm as he sipped his coffee and smiled at me. He quicklyglanced at his cock and I couldn't help but to look down as well. His cockwas so hard it looked like it was going to tear through his shorts."I don't s'pose??" he asked with a coy smile.I looked up at him dumbfounded, then looked back down. I knew I wanted toand I couldn't help myself. I reached out and started stroking his cockthrough the fabric. I got a big peaceful smile and knelt in front of him.I stared at the bulge while I stroked his cock some more. I watched in wideeyed wonder as I slowly pulled his shorts to his knees and watched his cockspring free. I watched it swing around in front of me and I never wantedanything so bad in my whole life.He leaned back against the counter and I started sucking him like a sloppywhore. I sucked the head for a little bit, then I pushed forward until myface slammed against his belly. I pulled back and did it again as fast as Icould. I sucked it as hard and fast as I could.My face was slamming against his belly and his balls were bouncing off mychin with every stroke. I could hear dad grunting and groaning like amental case. I looked up to see his head thrown back and his teethclenched............... mecidiyeköy escort The taste of cum was so strong it was driving mewild.He grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth and throat. Then he groanedand I felt his cock throbbing while my mouth filled with cum. I swallowedit as fast as he could feed it to me.Once he was finished, he pumped his cock down my throat a few more times."FUCK!! THAT WAS GOOD!!!" he exclaimed quietly while releasing my head.I stood up and giggled "Thanks"He gave me a wide eyed look. "Did you swallow???"I smiled and giggled "Yeah""What about last night?"I smiled and giggled again. "Yeah""Holy Shit!! Your Mother NEVER Did That!!" he told me with a nod.I had an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and giggled some more."Thanks" I said as I pulled up my night gown and flashed him some pussy.He chuckled a bit and looked at the clock."Oh Fuck!!" he blurted out.I watched as he ran around like a madman. He got ready for work and wasgone. I had a huge smile the whole time. I went to the bathroom, took offmy wig and tits. Did all the things I usually did and went to school.=============18==============While I was at school, the only thing I thought of all day was suckingdad's cock. It was my first real sex with another person and I thought itwas the greatest thing ever.I thought about the way it looked and smelled while I was kneeling in frontof him. The way it felt in my hand when I stroked it. The way it tastedwhen I first wrapped my lips around it. How warm and smooth it felt slidingin and out. How easily it went down my throat. How good his cum tasted andwhat an erotic feeling it was to have him get off in my mouth.I thought of all the times I had jacked off and watched thick white streamsshooting out of my cock. Then I would think of what a turn on it was tohave my dad of all people do that in my mouth.It made me hot every time I thought of it. If my cock wasn't glued backlike it was, I would have been walking around with a raging hard on allday. Instead, my pussy was sopping wet all day. My panties were soaked withcum. It was like my balls had sprung a leak. I was afraid it was going tosoak through my pants too. I had no idea my cock leaked so much cum all thetime.The day seemed to drag on forever. All I wanted to do was go home andchange, so I could do it again.When I finally got home, I talked to mom a little bit then she was gone. Iput dinner in the oven then went to change. I put on the black tube toplike it was a skirt. No panties. Tight black tank top with spaghettistraps. Black thigh high stockings and black high heels.I wanted to look as slutty as possible when dad got home. When I looked inthe mirror I wasn't disappointed. I looked like I should have been outturning tricks on a street corner. Everything about the way I lookedscreamed "I want sex!!"When dad got home he gave a loud whistle when he saw me. I blushed and ranover to give him a hug. I wrapped my arms around his neck. Jumped up andwrapped my legs around his waist. My skirt pulled up around my waist anddad grabbed a bare butt cheek in each hand. He chuckled and stuck a fingerinto my pussy. It was so wet, I could feel it squishing around."Miss me?" he said with a smile.I smiled back "I sure did...... My pussy has been wet all day thinking ofyou!"He gave me another big hug. "That's ok..... My cock has been hard all daythinking of you."I felt him reach under me and unzip his pants. Then I felt the tip of hiscock pressing against the opening to my pussy. I tried to stop him but theonly thing that came out of my mouth was "AH!"I felt my cock stretch as he forced his cock inside mine. It squished rightin and he grunted and groaned. He forced it in as far as it would go a fewtimes. Then he stuffed it in and let out a long slow groan. I felt my cockstretch some more as his cock throbbed inside it.I felt his cum squish out around my cock head and out my pussy. In no time,my whole pussy was covered in cum. It shot out around his throbbing shaftand dripped from his balls.I got short of breath, squealed and drove myself onto his cock somemore. The feeling was so erotic and so exciting. It was like I was fuckinga tight wet pussy with half my cock. I thought it was great! It wasextremely hard core.I bounced up and down a few times, and it popped out. When I came backdown, it stabbed right into my ass. He was balls deep in me. I felt himshiver and heard him growling like a dog."AH..... Oh God!" he whispered.He tried to start fucking me again, but his cock wasn't hard enough. Itdidn't take long before he gave up and put me down. He watched closely as Itook a paper towel and wiped my pussy. Then he watched as I wiped cum frommy thighs. When I was finally done wiping up his sperm. I went tore-arrange my 'skirt' and dad stopped me."NO, Don't Do That!" he implored.I looked at him quizzically. "Why not?""Listen, Susan" he told me "I know you're my son and all, but you've gotone of the nicest pussy's I've ever laid eyes on. A nice big mound with asimple crack in the middle and a juicy little hole. I would love to justsit and look at it while you serve me dinner."I giggled and blushed "Ok"He sat at the table and watched as I stood there. I smiled at him, took offmy top and skirt. Then I served him dinner wearing nothing but high heelsand stockings. I would bend over to give him and extra good view and rubagainst him. He seemed to really enjoy it and I couldn't help but to bepleased.We talked while eating dinner. Dad stared at my tits the whole time. Weboth had big smiles.============19==============After dinner we went into the living room to watch TV. He took off hispants, sat in his chair and put on the soft core after dark specials. Ijust smiled and sat in his lap. His cock was already half hard and itwasn't long before it was straining against my naked thighs.He told me how glad he was that I had decided to dress like this. I had toagree I was pretty happy about it too. He told me how he thought it was agoing to be a good joke. But when he saw me dressed up for the firsttime. He thought I was the sexiest 16 year old girl he had seen in a longtime. He said he thought I was so hot, he wanted to strip me down and fuckme right there on the floor.I smiled, crawled about three feet in front of him. Laid on my back andspread my legs."Really?" I giggled.He kneeled between my legs and I stared at his stiff cock. It was thick andmeaty and stood straight out like a flag pole. He got on his hands andknees over top of me."Fuck Yeah! Jimmy walked out and Susan the sex goddess walked back in. Youhad big beautiful tits and that tight little ass was packed into thosejeans. Fuck, that was hot. But I'll tell you, when I saw that monster cameltoe, it drove me crazy. My cock got so hard and I wanted to fuck you sobad, I didn't know what to do about it."He leaned down and kissed me on the lips while caressing my tits. I smiled,reached between my legs and started stroking his cock. It felt hot in myhand and I could feel it throbbing."Watching you walk around in short little skirts all month drove me wild."he continued as he stroked my pussy. "My dick got hard every time yourpussy peeked out. I swear you got the juiciest pussy ever. Every time I sawit, it was soaking wet. Either that or there would be a wet spot in yourpanties. God that's hot!"He was kissing my neck and caressing my whole body while he talked. I wasshort of breath and I wanted to feel him inside me so bad I could hardlystand it. I was so turned on, I could feel cum oozing out of my pussy andrunning through the crack of my ass.He laid on top of me and I positioned his cock for entry. Instead ofsticking it in, he went back to kissing my neck and chest while caressingmy thighs. My whole body tingled with excitement and I could hardly standthe wait."Fuck me!" I whispered.He chuckled "Then I would be laying in bed, listening to you going wildwith your new toy. My cock got rock hard every time. I would lay there andthink of you stuffing that big fuck toy inside yourself like you couldn'tget enough. You were making such a racket, I wanted to run right in andfuck the shit out of you. Your mother and I have both been so turned onlistening to you, we've been fucking like monkeys all month."I wanted his cock so bad, I wrapped my legs around his waist and tried topull him inside me.He just smiled at me. "Because of you, we fuck more often now than we didwhen we were 17. Your poor mothers pussy has been so overworked this month,she can barely walk when she gets to work. She volunteered for second shiftjust to have some time to recuperate.""Oh God Please Fuck Me!" I moaned.I wanted his cock inside me so bad, I was about to tie him down just so Icould get it. He smiled as he eased his cock balls deep into my overheatedass. It was such a relief to finally have him inside me. I closed my eyesand groaned with pleasure."Then yesterday, you fell asleep and I could see your hot little pussyplain as day. You looked so pretty with your tits hanging out and your asson display. I wanted to fuck you in the worst way and your mother was atwork."He began to pump his cock in slow and easy."Uh" I squealed."I turned on a dirty show and was about to jack off when you started tostir. I pretended to be asleep and the next thing I know. You were goingdown on me like a pro."He pumped his cock in faster and harder. I could feel his balls bouncing onmy ass and his pubic bone smashing against my pussy. Every time thathappened, I could feel my cock head sliding around in it's juicy littlehome."Oh God Yes" I moaned."You swallowed that fucker whole and deep throated like a hooker. You gaveme one of the best blowjobs I ever had, swallowed my cum and went to bed. Iwas so proud of you, I was about to bust."I giggled and blushed. "If you let me practice, I bet I could give you thebest blowjob you ever had."He licked my ear and whispered. "I bet you could"He began pounding his cock into me as hard and fast as he could. My cockhead was moving around so much when he slammed home, it felt like I wasfucking a hot wet pussy. I exploded into orgasm almost immediately. Dadstuffed his cock in and held on tight while I jerked and squealed.When my orgasm started to ease, dad started to fuck me as hard and fast ashe could again. Instead of my orgasm ending, it seemed to continue on at alower level. I could feel my bowels squeeze his cock as he forced it intome. In no time, I exploded into another orgasm.Dad stuffed himself deep inside me, but continued to fuck me. Just as mysecond orgasm was ending, his whole body stiffened and he grunted like anape. I could feel his cock throbbing in my ass and pictured him filling myguts with thick white goo.When he was done, he rolled off and laid beside me. We spent the next twohours cuddling in front of the TV. Then we went back to our bedrooms beforemom could come home and catch us.
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