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Standart Career paths in the judicial training

Career paths in the judicial training center
The professional paths at the Judicial Training Center to be a trained lawyer in Saudi Arabia are divided into three paths. which is next:

career path
Apply for this three-year track Bachelor's holders. In the first year, the trainee obtains the necessary knowledge in the legal profession, in which he is given 15-hour lessons in one semester. In addition to teaching five subjects in one semester.

محامي قضايا جنائية في الرياض

training path
Both master’s and diploma holders can apply to this track, as the duration of study for a trainee lawyer in Saudi Arabia holding a master’s degree is one year, and the duration of study for a holder of a higher diploma is two years.

During this period, the trainee receives short courses based on the necessary knowledge and skills, in addition to actual training in Sharia courts, law firms, and legal departments.

Training path in law firms
In this particular track, both the holder of a higher diploma, bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree can apply, where the applicant is a trained lawyer in Saudi Arabia registered in a law firm. In this track, the trainee receives courses of no less than 100 hours of training, in which he becomes acquainted with the skill and knowledge side as well.

What does a trained lawyer do in Saudi Arabia?
A trained lawyer in Saudi Arabia performs several jobs appropriate to his professional stage at the time. These tasks include the registration of cases, whether they are executive, primitive or conciliation.

Or submitting summons of all kinds to the parties in dispute, such as summoning the delivery of files or summoning the underlining of the book...etc.

The trainee lawyer can review and follow up on the pens, so he can apply himself to register the cases at the court registry. As a trained lawyer in Saudi Arabia considers this process as one of his specialties that he can perform.

He can also review enforcement departments such as submitting requests, attending procedural sessions, submitting subpoenas, etc. He can also review government departments and other tasks that any trained lawyer in Saudi Arabia can do.

But it is important to know the answer to the question: Is a trained lawyer considered a lawyer?

In fact, it is not permissible and a trained lawyer in Saudi Arabia is not considered a lawyer, because it is not permissible for him to announce himself except by the words of a trained lawyer, and he cannot occupy any other job, whether public or private, besides his training period in law, rather he cannot draft contracts or do any work. Change the above-mentioned exceptions from the legal profession, except when he bears the title of professor and not the trainee.
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